The NativeMethods.FaxSendDocument() does not work on x64 platform.


Bug from Ramil Mamadov :
I tried to use your dll to send fax from a Windows Server 2003 machine. Everything worked fine. Then I reinstalled the operating system, however this time I used a Windows Server 2003 64 Bit edition. I installed fax services and fax modem, and did all the dialing configurations. After that when I tried to send fax, I get an error indicating that Windows Fax Services is not installed.
I used your original source code to run a demo and to see what is going wrong. When I ran your demo program, it successfully connected to the Fax installed and retrieved jobs from the queue of the fax. However, if i tried to send a .tif file it produced an exception in "FaxServer.cs". Below is the function and code portion that the exception is produced.
        public FaxJob Send(FaxInformations informations, string fileName)
            if (NativeMethods.FaxSendDocument(faxHandle, fileName, parameters, strCoverPage, out jobID) == false)
                throw CreateFaxException(string.Empty);
Can you suggest any workarounds to this problem? I think cause of the problem is 64 bit operating system. I can not return to 32 bit now, it is the least possible solution for me. I found "winfax.dll" and "gdi32.dll" in two different folders namely "C:/Windows/system32" and "C:/Windows/SysWOW64". Is it possible that the problem is related to this dll files?
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